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Why to be eloped to Budapest?

If you are thinking about an Elopement adventure, you first and foremost have to decide which destination is just right for you. In this article, we are presenting our wonderful capital, Budapest as an excellent elopement destination through the photos of our lovely Australian couple.

Why to be eloped to Budapest?

Why Hungary and Budapest? We could list numerous reasons why Budapest is the best choice for a wedding. Here are the most important ones:

1.Due to its Central European location, it is a flight connection hub so feel free to add a European tour to your trip like a number of our couples do, e.g. Breanna and Sean who arrived straight from Down Under. They decided to travel all throughout Europe and aimed for Budapest as one of the most important stops. It was a real honour that they chose our capital as their wedding destination among the many beautiful European cities.

2.The lovers of urban style are amazed by the multitude of famous architectural wonders and historical buildings.

3.Budapest is the city of thermal baths. If you are around, make sure to go relax in a spa. We can fully recommend Széchenyi Bath, for example, where the building itself it already very impressive, not to talk about the pleasant leisure time you can spend here with your partner.

4.Everyone has heard about Hungarian cuisine. Try it in one of the restaurants, perhaps even at your wedding venue or we can choose an elegant restaurant for dinner where you can taste Hungarian-style as well as international food, too.

Ask for the list of the greatest elopement locations in Budapest by email: info@rgsmartevent.com


How can you make the Elopement truly intimate and romantic?

The essence of elopement is romance itself. The fact that you are not inviting guests to the wedding and you are all alone, creates an atmosphere by itself which is absolutely unique. Choose the location you like the most and we will add everything else. Tell us what kind of decor and atmosphere you would like and share what would make your dreams come true the most. This is really only about you two alone so please be open and trust us. Breanna and Sean contacted us with a ready idea and we helped to finetune it. To be more precise, they shared what they wanted to feel and what kind of experience they wanted for themselves. They trust us and we were free to organise their Big Day.

„Our wedding is going to be a very emotional time. We can’t follow the usual traditions, that’s how Budapest came about. We decided to do something adventurous, unforgettable and intimate with just the two of us, as this will be the beginning of a new family, our family.” -wrote me Breanna.


Breanna and Sean’s big day took place at the popular Fisherman’s Bastion. It is one of the highest points in Budapest with first-class views where they chose the spacious and comfortable Danube Terrace. For most convenience, we booked their accommodation at the neighbouring Hilton Hotel in order to have everything at walking distance before the ceremony. Breanna showed an inspirational picture about the design she had imagined for her wedding based on which Letti was free to create the decoration and setup of the ceremony location. She aimed at a lofty, elegant, airy, light-coloured decoration with a lot of flowers. The most important, however, was the marriage spot itself. Breanna’s ask was that the exact location where they tie the knot, should be perfectly created, the rest did not matter. So it was a big question how to build Budapest into the wedding. Breanna & Sean wanted more. They wanted a complex experience where the ceremony is the hightlight and even more. So it happened that we fully planned their day and shot Their Budapest film from waking up to dinnertime. While waiting for the wedding in excitement, they wandered around the city, did sightseeing, had lunch and Roland was always there, escorting them everywhere. Their romantic Budapest travel film was created this way, the centerpiece thereof was the ceremony, of course. Breanna also found common ground with Elena at first sight so the preparation happened perfectly even without a beauty trial. The hightlight of the day were the wows they said to each other. The purpose and essence of the whole trip were fulfilled at the moment they exchanged wows. At that point, time simply stopped. We were not in a hurry, we did not even look at our watches. Together with the whole team, we devoted everything to the magic of the moment and it was truly touching.



All I can say is, let each and every elopement wedding be like this one: full of feelings, tears of joy, love and romance. We can only wish you to have an experience just like this one. And we are happy to help because we are at home in Budapest and are experts in weddings, too.

You can see the wedding film here.

More photos here and photos straight from the photographer, András here.

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Film: @roland_mihalszky

Photo: @rabloczkyandras

Decor: @blushweddingdecor

Ceremony: @yourstoryceremony

MUAH: @vekshinastyle

Quartet: @blackandbluequartet

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