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Wedding in Hungary

Your wedding planner in Hungary

We provide full-scale wedding planning, service in Hungary. Our aim to satisfy our foreign couples’ needs, who would like to have unique destination wedding.

Why is it good to have a wedding planner?

Because the planner helps you with the organization from the beginning until the very last minute. Planner knows your needs but leaves the freedom of choice to you: a good organizer finds solutions for the upcoming ideas but your dreams are priority. Your wedding is about You, your wedding is YOU.

An experienced wedding planner knows all the potential pitfalls of such events and can give you practical advice about what to pay attention for. An experienced destination wedding planner knows local traditions but ready to mix with your own traditions to complete your wedding uniquely. Your planner  will be with you on the venue all day of the event to liberate you from all the administration you may need to deliver letting you enjoy your very special day, just the way how you dreamt it would be.

We provide full-scale wedding organization. Our team has Russian and English speaking colleagues to satisfy our foreign couples’ needs, so your destination weddings are also welcome! We show you Hungary, we organize your wedding in Hungary! Planning, budgeting, venue offers, on-site coordination and event execution, all together provided by professional wedding planner. Proactive, professional, unique, stylish, smart. This is us!

Wedding planning step by step

For us it comes naturally to customise our price as all weddings are special and therefore different. After you contacted us to help you planning your event, we arrange a personal meeting with you, but of course we are available online as well for our foreign customers. We get to know each other, you outline your ideas, your visions and you tell us in which part you would like to have our assistance.

We manage the full wedding planning process and we believe in the all inclusive wedding planning service that provides for you the full freedom and stress-free wedding experience. In the meantime we would like to emphasize that apart from providing full-scale wedding planning service, it is also possible to book us only for a consultation.

So the first meeting is just brainstorming, and then we see what you are looking for and for what extent you need are services for. We make an estimate calculation accordingly, including not only the planner fee, but the vendors’ price as well. Wedding planning fee depends on the complexity of the wedding. How much time we have on our hands, how many contacts we need to hunt also including additional expenses just as telephone calls and travel, not mentioning the number of the venues, days of the event and number of guests. Budgeting is the first step to outilne your wedding. For this purpose please share with us your budget allowance. We send out the wedding planning proposal to you including the estimate budget and then by your approval we can start our fruitful cooperation.

Our aim is to satisfy you, so on this basis we make our calculation and we share with you the realistic expectations on your wedding plans- and budget ratio.  When we finally make an agreement that is when the adventure starts – the planning of your very special day(s) – just like the way you have imagined.  Trust our experience!

We would like to expand our services with foreign language wedding planning (English and Russian), for foreign or mixed couples who would like to get married in Hungary.

  • wedding planning in Hungarian, English or Russian
  • finding and contracting partner business to deliver certain services needed for the event
  • assisting in choosing dresses, costumes, menu, decoration, venues etc.
  • time schedule, financial planning and scenario planning
  • providing constant support including the all day assistance on the event
  • supervising service providers
  • coordinating events all day in three languages
  • assisting in the bureaucratic office routine for foreign couples and managing authorized translations
  • assisting in organizing travel and accomodation
  • providing guides and interpreters when needed
  • other planning duties


Wedding counselling in Hungarian

50 EUR / hour

Wedding counselling in a foreign language:

70 EUR / hour

Wedding coordination on the venue:

from 800 EUR

Wedding coordination on the venue
in a foreign language

from 800 EUR

Full-scale wedding planning:

from 2500 EUR . Planning fee depends on the complexity of the event (number of days, guests and venues)