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5+1 Wedding planning tips if you have just been proposed to

You have just gotten engaged and are planning to get married this year in Hungary. It surely sounds exciting but you may feel a little lost at the same time. Check out this article for a couple of tips to help you on the way!

5+1 Wedding planning tips if you have just been proposed to

Once you say “yes”, the world turns upside down and you feel like the happiest person on Earth. You get carried away by your emotions and naturally need some time to get back on track. But then, you start panicking since you both have decided to get married still this year and you think you must start planning the wedding immediately as time is running short. So I have brought you 5 tips to start the planning process wisely and progress efficiently so your dream wedding can come true in the course of this year.

1.Don’t rush! We all know there is little time but there won’t be more if you start acting in haste,especially if you live on abroad. The best you can do is to start the planning process in a well-thought-out manner. An extra tip from me: Don’t announce immediately that you are getting married! There is something romantic to keeping it a secret to yourselves for a while, cherish the new status of fiancé/financée and think things over.

2.Compile the guest list. Before searching for any venuesin Budapest or Hungary, one of the most important questions is the number of guests. This first list should be a minimum-maximum list but the difference should not be more than appr. 20 people since the perfect venue is one that is also perfect in size. It is not wise to choose too small or too big of a venue, either.

3.Think over your budget. This is another basic thing in order to start the planning process effectively. We all know it is not easy to tell how much a wedding will cost, yet you have to determine approximately how much you can or are willing to spend on it. It is not the best to say it will all depend on how much the individual items cost. Of course, it will ultimately depend on that, but it is much better to first define how much you want to spend and manage the available budget wisely to make the most out of that. However, it is advisable to put together a rough wedding budget first since you are still at the beginning and then after some thorough information gathering, determine an approximate amount where you also have some flexibility. We cannot emphasize it enough that if you have any uncertainty in this area, you have wedding consulting available, which is the quickest and most efficient way to discuss exactly questions like these. A professional wedding planner can help you to find your way in the sea of Google search results and in the magical topic of wedding budget management. Get is tuch with me for an appointment and let’ discuss your questions. Trust me, even one occasion is worth much more than you would think! By the end of the session, you will know how much things will cost and how to manage your budget wisely.

4.Have a priority list. Think over what is most important for both of you regarding your wedding. Is it decoration, elegance, festive ambiance? Or the quality of food and beverages? Or entertainment? Or is it the preservation of memories, i.e. high-quality photo and video services? Make a priority list of these and – unless you have all the money on earth for the wedding – once you have this, it will come handy later when talking about costs and you will be able to plan the wedding consciously.

5.Get inspired but be prudent and careful! Weddings are not necessarily equal to Pinterest photos and Instagram highlights series but it is indispensable for you to know from the beginning what kind of wedding you would like. What should be the mood, the style, etc. because these will determine the choice of venue. For the venue selection, you can find some tips on my site as well.

+1 Already at the very beginning think it over if you have the time and energy to plan your wedding in a short timeframe. You need to be prepared that if you start planning your wedding for this year, you will need to compromise. There is a high chance that the most preferred service providers will already have been booked for Saturdays during high season. What does that mean? An enormous amount of extra time, submerging into Google and possibly despair on your end. If you are prepared for these and are open to compromise, then you will not have so many negative stimuli during the planning process…and here I only mean the service providers already booked. If you feel this is overwhelming, then you should leave yourself more time and have the wedding in the next high season or in low season. And if you want to spare yourself from any kind of stress and want a perfect wedding within your defined framework, then feel free to contact me and we will tackle it together, I can promise you that! 😊

(For this article I chose photos from last minute weddings from 2023 on purpose. On the cover photo, you can see the couple whose wedding we put together in 3 weeks in the middle of the Summer. The 3-day wedding of the couple below was planned in only 2 months. There is no such thing as impossible, it is only a challenge! 😊 )

Esküvő kastélyban

Photo: András Rabloczky

I hope the above tips have provided you with some help for the first steps. Let me wish you a happy and relaxed wedding planning process!

If you can hardly wait to talk to me about your wedding, click here and feel free to contact me.

Andrea Rácz

Wedding planner