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10 venues in Budapest ideal for small weddings

In the past couple of weeks, I received a number of wedding requests to organize really small weddings. What do I mean by that? 30 people at the maximum. But recently, I also received quote requests for 10-15 people. The question I was asked was always the same: Where can we organize a mini wedding and at what cost?

10 venues in Budapest ideal for small weddings

I would cut the “at what cost” question short by highlighting that the costs of a wedding dinner for a few people are naturally much lower since catering is always the most expensive item but please bear in mind that the price of other services does not (necessarily) change proportionately with the headcount, at least not in every case. I mean, you will still need a photographer, a cinematographer, decoration, a dress, etc… khm… a wedding planner 🙂 (if high quality and stress-free experience are important to you, too). But I collected a couple of Budapest venues where we can organize magnificent small weddings.

I would like to nail it down right from the start that even though we are talking about a micro wedding, it is not necessarily just a festive dinner and that’s it; but there is often a need to organize a full-night party with the usual elements of a wedding. At the same time, needless to say there are more people who intend these small, cozy weddings to last from early evening to late evening, where the party is not an organic part of the story, instead it is rather a festive gathering or dinner, a so-called American style wedding reception that ends with the cake. Below I am going to show you some venues accordingly, where we can organize your very beautiful, stylish, and elegant small wedding and the party will only depend on you and your company. And you can leave all the coordination with the venues to us! Contact us here!

1-2. Emile és Gerbeaud

The deservedly famous traditional café of the Gerbeaud brand has been operating since the middle of the 1800s in the heart of Budapest, on Vörösmarty Square, in the direct neighbourhood of the bustling Váci Street. When you enter, you are immediately struck by the 19th century café atmosphere that you can also have for your wedding if you choose from the salons that are ideal to host 30 to 50 people. You can see the Golden Salon on the photo below.

Emile is the little brother of Gerbeaud. It is located in an impressive villa building on the Buda side, representing the Gerbeaud quality. It is a brilliant wedding venue for micro weddings with up to 30-40 people. Its garden can host a wedding ceremony or a seated dinner alike. The charm of the salons creates a delightfully pleasant and cozy atmosphere. In our view, the pictures speak for themselves.

3. High Note Skybar

You will barely find a mini wedding venue more perfect than the sky bar on the top of Aria Hotel. It has a small open part where you can hold wedding ceremonies and there is a covered part where we can organize a dinner for up to 40 guests. 5-star service featuring the Basilica in the background. Stylish, high-life, we think it is very cool.

high-note-skybar esküvőhelyszín

4. Gundel

Gundel does not have to be introduced to anyone, the name – which equals to the notion of tradition in Budapest – is not unknown even to foreign couples. It is one of the oldest Hungarian restaurants offering traditional flavours seasoned with luxury. Gundel boasts a large number of opportunities. The smaller halls are suitable for mini weddings where you can celebrate with your most important ones in an exclusive atmosphere.

gundel esküvőhelyszín

5. Városliget cafe

Városliget Café is a special wedding venue in the direct neighbourhood of Heroes’ Square and the ice-skating rink. With its own café-bar atmosphere and angular form, the smaller gemstone of the restaurant is Törley Room which can be a perfect venue for special, unconventional, smaller weddings. It can host up to 50 guests and the ceremony can be held on the lakeside, too.

Városliget cafe esküvő

6. Matild Palace: The Duchess

A luxury hotel opened in 2020 with a rooftop terrace offering the best views in the city. The Duchess is a half-covered terrace so it is able to host small weddings even under unfavourable weather conditions. Although there was no roof over half of the terrace when we organized this mini wedding, the atmosphere has not changed at all since then. What is more, you can now celebrate on the rooftop even when it rains.

7. Anantara New York Palace Budapest, Red szalon

You can have a regally elegant, luxurious palace-style wedding in the Red Salon of New York Café, which is a small hall but all the more elegant wedding venue. We would love to organize a small wedding dinner here. It is recommended between 20-30 guests and can be perfectly combined with White Salon.

8. Félix Kitchen and Bar

Félix is a multi-function, high-life event venue in the heart of Budapest with magnificent views, located directly on the Danube bank. The reputable building underwent a large renovation and reopened with renewed exterior and interior in 2018. As part of the World Heritage, it falls under monumental protection. Amongst the halls, the beautiful Kovásznai Salon can be an elegant dinner venue where the guests up to 22 people can sit around a large oval table. However, in order to protect the furnishing, it is forbidden to dance here. Nevertheless, we can organize a very high-quality elegant dinner here, perhaps together with a ceremony on the terrace.


9. Millenium kávéház

Millenium Café is the pearl of the City Park. But no, I am not thinking about the grand hall and many people perhaps don’t even know that the café also has a tiny private room called the Mirror Hall. And now I am thinking about the Mirror Hall as wedding venue. Or rather a dinner venue since it is truly tiny, but it is a separate, elegant room where you can host a stylish dinner.

Millenium kávéház esküvő

10. Alice Hotel

A small and stylish hotel on Andrássy Avenue in the heart of Budapest, constituting part of the World Heritage, and it even has a garden and a terrace. An ideal combination, don’t you think so? As a wedding venue it is suitable for 30 to 50 guests but we would rather recommend it for even less people if you want to celebrate your wedding in the most beautiful spot. It really sparks our imagination and we would love to organize a small wedding here. How about you? 😊

Alice hotel esküvőhelyszín

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Let me wish you happy preparations full of love!

Your wedding planner, Rácz Andi